Sales Force Automation

Improve sales performance with Sales Force Automation Solution Sales is the most critical business function of an enterprise and our Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution allows you to reap significant gains from your sales team. Sales Force Automation services plays a instrumental role in boosting the profitability of your organization by increasing revenues and reducing operational costs.

Geospace SFA solution will allow you to forecast your company's revenues accurately and you will be able to track every lead along with the capability to access customized reports for analysis on your sales performance. It will be totally customized to the needs of your sales department and it will be developed using the latest Microsoft technologies. Business Value through Sales Force Automation Ink more deals by imparting more visibility into your company's sales processes.

Window to opportunity with recording of every lead and its subsequent tracking. Customer management with access to data to facilitate collaboration between sales, customer service & support, and marketing. Market trend analysis to spot shifts in market indicators. Our solution range encompasses web-based as well as solutions compatible with mobile devices that will empower your field sales force to update the sales volumes on a real-time basis for ROUND-THE-CLOCK information update.